“Erots” recommendations of adult toys for reaching the pinnacles of ecstasy

This weekend, 21 and 22 February, Ķīpsala will host the adult-only event “Erots 2020”, where visitors will not only be able to view sexy performances but also purchase erotic toys to spice up their love life.

“Latvians are getting bolder, and toys, accessories and intimate cosmetic products that can be used with your partner are becoming more and more popular,” says Vikija Klišāne, the spokeswoman for “SexyStyle”, the most popular online store for erotic goods in Latvia.

Erotic lingerie, massage oils, intimate wellness products and a variety of toys for love-making will also be available at the “Erots” festival. Below we have compiled some of the favourites.

A woman’s best friend in the bedroom – the clitoral stimulator
Orgasms are vital for the physical and emotional well-being of a woman, which is why one of the most popular toys that women purchase for themselves and that men buy as gifts for their partners is the “Womanizer” clitoral stimulator. With this powerful stimulator, women can reach an orgasm very easily and quickly – 98% of women orgasm in less than 5 minutes with this miracle device!

Masturbators of all size for male pleasure
Popular toys for the stronger sex are masturbators, which make the massage of one’s member particularly pleasant and exciting. These toys can be small and compact, like the Tenga Egg, or larger in size, providing the most intense stimulation with a specially designed texture while also helping a man train his sexual endurance to prevent premature climaxing. Ladies often pamper their men with the previously mentioned Tenga Egg or Fleshlight Quickshot, which is a great assistant for oral sex and gives men the pleasurable feeling of being deep-throated.

Games for naughty couples activities
Latvians often choose various games to get to know and delight their partners: for example, the couples games “Joyful Couple” and “OpenMity”, that are made right here in Latvia and provide new ideas for romantic and naughty couples activities.

Candles that turn into massage oils
Classic massage oils have a new competitor – massage candles. They look like ordinary candles, but instead of candle wax they use hardened massage oil, which melts when exposed to the heat of a flame. This warm, aromatic oil can be dripped onto the body and used for sensual massages.

Play with your partner, even when you’re not there
Bullet vibrators (“Lovense Lush 2”) and couples vibrators (“We-Vibe Sync”), controllable by a phone application, are very modern and fun toys. The remote control functionality of these toys enables partners to play with each other even when they are physically separated. This is the ideal solution for long-distance relationships.

“Erots” is not just an event, it’s an adventure! On 21 and 22 February, Ķīpsala will host perfect bodies of men and women in striptease shows and performances for all preferences; masterclasses; a head-spinning party; consultations by industry-leading specialists; and contests with enticing prizes! The festival is suitable for single visitors, couples, and friend or acquaintance groups. Meet captivating performing artists and take photos with them! Explore the anatomy of pleasure and the psychology of wellness and satisfaction at the “SexyStyle Academy”, and receive inspiration for new sexy experiments. Feel, explore, enjoy and participate!

If you want to be especially close to the artists and have a totally unique experience, purchase a VIP ticket that will seat you beside the main stage.

Entry from the age of 18! Tickets can be purchased in “Biļešu serviss” booking offices throughout Latvia (www.bilesuserviss.lv) as well as at www.bezrindas.lv. The festival ticket is valid for one entry on one of the days of the event. The VIP ticket is valid for the selected day of the event and for the selected number of people.

The Erots erotica festival is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. The event is supported by “Sexy Style”, “One Touch”, “SM-studio” and “Bellevue Park Hotel Riga”. Informative supporters: “TVNET”, “Travelnews.lv”, “Žirafe”, “Tauta.lv”, “Draiskajiem”, “Radio NABA”, “Vipi.lv”, “slavenibas.lv”, “krusttevs.com” and “CityRiga.lv”.

“Erots 2020” event hours:
21 February 20:00–03:00
22 February 19:00–03:00

More information: www.erots.lv, facebook.com/ErotsLV/ and instagram.com/erots.lv/