Which type of erotic festival visitor are you?

For more than 20 years organizing the most ambitious erotic festival in the Baltics, attended by thousands of people from both Latvia and neighbouring countries, we have identified the most frequent types of visitors at the Erots Festival. Which of these five types of visitors are you? Find it out and let us meet at “Erots 2019” in Kipsala Hall on 15 and 16 February!

As time is passing, you are not afraid of opening doors to lots of new entertainments and adventures. You enjoy all the festival areas; examine the offer of adult toys. You are always in the first row of audience and never forget to take some selfies with the artists. You attend the festival with your sweetheart or in a company of friends.

Keeper of the flame
You arrive in a couple, try out everything unusual, as you hate routine. You visit the festival to fuel up your relationship, feel good and keep the fire burning. Master classes are exactly for you as they allow you to experience new emotions and to fulfil some of your secret desires.

You know the ropes and probably have attended similar events in other countries. Caring for your sexual well-being is your daily routine, but you attend the festival to examine the latest developments in this field. You willingly share advice on the best performances or lounges, the best sex toys and accessories with other visitors.

You always arrive in a group of friends, enjoy the most interesting performances, try out the dancefloor and explore the rest of the offer. You meet acquaintances and try to figure out the best places to party.

You are on Tinder and other dating sites, but you arrive at Erots with loads of compliments and a charming smile on lips to take advantage of meeting someone. Piquant atmosphere, dance or any other activity allows you to get to know other visitors quickly and efficiently, and find “The One”.

Bring down borders of sexuality!
Enjoy impressive shows, try role games, feel unprecedented emotions, discover your secret desires and have a go! The festival programme features a diverse range of art forms and is suitable for single visitors, couples and companies of friends or acquaintances.

This is not just an event; this is an adventure! Perfect male and female bodies in strip shows and performances to suit all tastes, masterclasses, a dizzying party, counselling by the most knowledgeable experts and contests with attractive prizes! The varied festival programme is suitable for single visitors, couples, and friend or acquaintance groups. Meet fascinating artists, take photos with them, go wild on the roomiest dance floor, take part in exciting contests with an attractive prize pack in between the shows, and get to know your sensuality in the SexyStyle Academy area!

Choose from a diversity of erotic lingerie, sex toys to spice up love life, massage oils, intimate well-being products, adult films and other sexy things at the “Erots” Festival.If you want to have a special experience and be very close to the artists, buy a VIP ticket and take advantage of the closer proximity to the main stage. Under 18 not admitted! 

Tickets are available in the “Biļešu serviss” booking offices (www.bilesuserviss.lv) all over Latvia and www.bezrindas.lv. The ticket is valid for a single day entry to the festival. The VIP ticket is valid for the selected day of the festival and the selected number of people.

The Erotic Festival “Erots” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. Sponsors: "Sexy Style", "One Touch", "SM-studio" and “Bellevue Park Hotel Riga”. Information support: TVNET, Travelnews.lv, "Žirafe", Tauta.lv, "Draiskajiem", Radio NABA, Vipi.lv, slavenibas.lv, krusttevs.com and CityRiga.lv.

“Erots 2020” opening hours:
21 February 20.00–03.00
22 February 19.00–03.00

Read more: www.erots.lvfacebook.com/ErotsLV/ and instagram.com/erots.lv/