“Erots” recommends 9 sexy Christmas gifts

Want to give your special someone unforgettable emotions by presenting something sexy instead of a regular Christmas gift? The “Erots” Festival offers you some sexy holiday season gift ideas for both women and men.

Naughty adventure at “Erots”!
Tickets to the “Erots” Festival should definitely be in Santa’s gift bag. This event will allow every couple to get to know each other better, to experience something new, to watch erotic performances and become inspired for a new repertoire of sexual experiments! Give it for Christmas, but visit it on February 21 or 22 in Kipsala Halls.

Massage oil or a candle?
There is nothing more sensual than just gentle touches, especially, when using high quality massage oil. Touches and massage not only improve your physical and mental wellbeing, but also strengthen your relationship. A massage candle will turn a massage into an exquisite ritual. It is a two-in-one gift – a scented candle and massage oil for warm and gentle touches.

Remote control vibrator
It is a perfect gift for both – a man controls the vibrator via a mobile app or by remote control, while a woman enjoys long distance sex without knowing what will happen next. It’s a sexy gift for a foreplay, long distance relationships, or days not spent together.

Irresistible clothes
Very special stockings, corsets and erotic satin lingerie will make you feel captivating both inside and outside your bedroom. But role play costumes, Wild Kitty lingerie and panties with opening will keep things exciting in your bedroom.

Naughty game for adults
Intimate game sets – from simple card sets and dice games to more complex board games – will not only make you get to know your partner better, but will also be a great foreplay element that will make your relationship more playful, creative and build intimacy with your partner.

Erotic coupons
A gift doesn’t always have to be tangible, sometimes the best gift is a shared adventure. In order to add a spark or playfulness to your relationship, invent naughty adventures that will offer you and your partner extraordinary feelings and pleasure. Coupons are beautiful inscriptions that you give to your significant other. They will bring you to a shared adventure at the time of your partner’s choice.

Bondage accessories
Exclusively finished handcuffs, soft velvet blindfold eye masks, self-adhesive bondage tapes and other accessories will give you unprecedented emotion during dominance and submission games.

Best lube for your sex life
Choose the right lubricant for the right feeling. A quality moisturizer that does not clump up or cause discomfort or painful irritation will be a versatile helper. For a very special feeling, choose a lubricant with a special scent or taste and a warming or cooling effect.

Brave photo adventure
Sensual boudoir photography session at a studio or home will be an unusual adventure, which will be remembered for a very long time.

This is not just an event; this is an adventure! Perfect male and female bodies in strip shows and performances to suit all tastes, masterclasses, a dizzying party, counselling by the most knowledgeable experts and contests with attractive prizes! The varied festival programme is suitable for single visitors, couples, and friend or acquaintance groups. Meet fascinating artists, take photos with them, go wild on the roomiest dance floor, take part in exciting contests with an attractive prize pack in between the shows, and get to know your sensuality in the SexyStyle Academy area!

Choose from a diversity of erotic lingerie, sex toys to spice up love life, massage oils, intimate well-being products, adult films and other sexy things at the “Erots” Festival.

If you want to have a special experience and be very close to the artists, buy a VIP ticket and take advantage of the closer proximity to the main stage.
Under 18 not admitted! Tickets are available in the “Biļešu serviss” booking offices (www.bilesuserviss.lv) all over Latvia and www.bezrindas.lv. The ticket is valid for a single day entry to the festival. The VIP ticket is valid for the selected day of the festival and the selected number of people.

The Erotic Festival “Erots” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. Sponsors: "Sexy Style", "One Touch", "SM-studio" and “Bellevue Park Hotel Riga”. Information support: TVNET, Travelnews.lv, "Žirafe", Tauta.lv, "Draiskajiem", Radio NABA, Vipi.lv, slavenibas.lv, krusttevs.com and CityRiga.lv.

“Erots 2020” opening hours:
21 February 20.00–03.00
22 February 19.00–03.00

Read more: www.erots.lv, facebook.com/ErotsLV/ and instagram.com/erots.lv/