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 Ticket sales for the EROTS 2018 Festival is open!

Allow passion to take precedence and fulfil your erotic fantasies at the "Erots 2018" festival! Plan your visit to the largest in the Baltics erotica festival to be held in Kipsala Hall on February 16–17, buy tickets now! No entry to persons under the age of 18!
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  Let the Svelte, the Wild and the Frisky One Seduce you at Erots!

Already this weekend – on 17 and 18 February – the Erots festival stage in Íîpsala will be taken over by three sex bombs: Caroline De Jaie, Christina Bella and Isabella Chrystin. See these hot porn stars dangerously up-close! Even the dirtiest dreams come true at Erots!

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 A novelty at “Erots” – Lounge Club with hot dances. Come and party!

This year’s “Erots” will not only offer erotic shows and the possibility to purchase toys for juicing up one’s love life, but there will also be dances! The atmosphere at the new lounge club will be heated up by sexy DJs and the best go-go dancers of Riga’s nightclubs. Come to Íîpsala on 17 and 18 February and shake your butt!

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 Supple and sexy lollipops on the stage of “Erots”!

“We will charm you. We will seduce you. We will excite you and make you fall in love! You will never forget us!” – that is what the charming and agile “Lollipops” she-cats have to say about their literally airy show, which you will be able to see on 17 and 18 February at the “Erots 2017” festival in Íîpsala.

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 The hosts of Erots 2017 reveal how daring Latvians are

What is erotica? What do we need for good sex? Is the Kama Sutra useful? DJ Gustavito and event host Sigita Brazdauska, the hosts of Erots 2017, answer these and many more juicy questions. Erots 2017 in Íîpsala already on 17 and 18 February. Don’t miss it!

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 Will you be my sweet slave at Erots 2017?

If you want to join real sensory adventure, master the art of whipping or bondage, then come to “Erots 2017” at Kipsala Hall, 17 and 18 February! The spirit of hedonism will reign the Wild Stage as the mischievous Eros offers two different performances and SM master classes.

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 Latvian Casanovas striptease. Leads to addiction!

The MALE Empire NIGHT_out SHOW strippers certainly have magic power over ladies making their hearts melt and driving them wild! Come and see yourself at “Erots 2017”, 17–18 February at Kipsala Hall. 

 Can foreplay be dangerous? See at Erots!

Erotic, passionate and playful performance filled with dangerous, acrobatic tricks by Angelika and Victor, artists of the duo “Los Angeles”, will leave you breathless at “Erots 2017”, 17–18 February.

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 Feel the magic of burlesque at “Erots 2017”!

This year’s festival will offer an unprecedented show – the playful burlesque. Estonian performers Affinity Starr and Miss Chrissy Kiss will dazzle the audience with bright costumes and various expressions of coquetry. Do not miss the captivating performances on 17 and 18 February in Íîpsala! 

 The naughty panther and dominant she-wolf will play on the stage of “Erots 2017”

The reserved hearts of northerners will be set on fire by the stars of “Erots 2017” from Finland – the thick and graceful panther Irina Tundra and the dominant she-wolf Minttu Gee. Make sure of their ability to light the room on fire on 17 and 18 February in Íîpsala! 
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 EROTS 2017 tickets already on sale!

Tickets to the International Erotica Festival Erots 2017, the hottest event of the year, that will take place from 17–18 February at Kipsala Hall, are on sale as of 1 November. Under 18s not admitted!
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 Exciting shows, adult toys and naughty fun at "Erots 2016"

The international erotica festival "Erots 2016", 19–20 February, brought together more than 15,000 passion-longing visitors offering them a programme of liberated, sexy and extremely candid shows!
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 Sex school for women exclusively at Erots 2016!

“Erots 2016” this year provides for all women a unique opportunity to learn and become a real sex guru attending a sex school on 19 and 20 February at Kipsala Hall. This opportunity is open to women only. Men’s attendance at sex school is strictly prohibited!

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 Enthusiastic “Erots” guides – Mârtiòð Kapzems and Sigita Brazdauska

Two enthusiastic guides – Mârtiòð Kapzems, a model, so called Latvian James Bond and athlete, and Sigita Brazdauska, a sexy event moderator – will show visitors through the maze of spicy performances and shows. They have already started a countdown till 19 and 20 February, when the playful cupid rules over the Íîpsala Hall!

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 Devilish angel and wily chameleon on one stage at “Erots”

The Hungarian porn star Dolly Diore – dominant and at the same time sweet as a school girl and the fiery and saucy Regina Moon on one stage at the hottest event of the year – festival “Erots” that will take place from 19 – 20 February in Íîpsala. Be ready – it is going to be a hell of an adventure!

  Club Dance King and Queen - Do Not Hesitate and Apply for the Competition!

You only have till 25 January to apply for participation in the dancing competition “Club Dance Queen & King 2016”, which will take place for the fourth consecutive year within the scope of the festival “Erots” from 19 – 20 February in Íîpsala Hall.

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 “Erots” offers an unprecedented dating game “Blind date”. Don’t miss it!

Dating game – “Blind date”, which is already widely recognised and accepted in the world, is probably going to be one of the special surprises in the festival “Erots 2016”. If you are single and ready for a crazy adventure while looking for your other half, then see you in Kipsala on 19 and 20 February!

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 Empire guys to heat up atmosphere

The strippers of "MALE Empire NIGHT out SHOW" from Latvia will show off courage and ironclad athleticism of the Nordic men at “Erots 2016”, 19–20 February. Ladies, watch out! This Las Vegas style show will wake up an unprecedented range of emotions!
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 Robbers of chastity take action at Erots!

Everyone knows the famous criminal couple Bonnie and Clyde! But do you know their erotic version? Caroline De Jaie and Max Rajoy, two adult industry stars, arrive at the festival “Erots”, 19–20 February, to rob even visitors of their knickers... So, maybe it is better not to wear them?!
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 Naked yoga – first on the Erots stage!

On 19 and 20 February, two sexy Hungarian beauties – Szilvi and Brigi – will offer to festival visitors yet unseen erotic show – naked yoga. Organisers promise that this hot show will really inflame all spectators!
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 Enjoy Slavic style strip shows at Erots 2016

Watch them is like biting into a perfectly ripened fruit – sweet and juicy. The well-built "Enjoy & Malibu" guys and hot "New Breath" girls from Belarus will excite audience with titillating strip shows during the erotica festival “Erots 2016” to be held on 19 and 20 February.
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 Erots 2016 invites to coming-of-age party!

The tickets to the most erotic event of the year – the International Erotica festival “Erots 2016” to be held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre on 19 and 20 February on sale as of November 1. The festival will offer the event programme even more challenging and entertaining.
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The Festival Erots 2015 gathers more than 20,000 erotica fans

Visitors of the 17th International Erotic Festival “Erots 2015” in a free and relaxed atmosphere had an opportunity to enjoy curvy shapes, savoury presentations and dizzying entertainment that wrapped up in the early morning of 22 February. Read more >>>

The top 8 not to be missed events at Erots 2015!

Kipsala Hall invites to plunge into the world of eroticism and enjoy an amazing kaleidoscope of erotic performances offered by the Baltics’ only Erotic Festival "Erots 2015" this weekend from 20-21 February. Everyone will find something special here, and we take this opportunity to tell about the top 8 not to be missed things and events! Read more >>>

Erots 2015 – erotica for different tastes!

The 17th International Erotica Festival "Erots 2015" – the hottest erotica event of the year – will take place at Kipsala Halls from 20–21 February. Two nights in two halls erotica visitors will be given an opportunity to enjoy relaxed atmosphere, spicy and sensual shows, club dancing competitions, to participate in attractive competitions, to be photographed with adult industry stars and to choose and buy something from a vast selection of adult toys. Persons aged under 18 not admitted! Read more >>>

"Eros" opens the TOP 5 sex toys in the world

Controllable from the other side of the world, suitable for refrigeration and decorated with crystals – such are the TOP 5 sex toys of 2015 in the world. It will already be possible to check and, also, purchase them in the international erotic exhibition festival "Eros 2015" on the 20th and 21st February. These toys will help you to discover not only new peaks of pleasure, but will also make your body tremble just thinking about them! Read more >>>

Hot erotic shows and club dance contest at Kipsala Halls!

Hot erotic shows and breathtaking performances by club dancers are coming very soon to Kipsala Halls in Riga as “Erots 2015”, 20–21 February, will offer the only in Latvia club dancing competition “Club Dance Queen & King 2015” with the participation of enticing go-go dancers and talented masters of locking and waacking and truly electrifying atmosphere. Read more >>>

Erots 2015 to be hosted by Kristaps Vilde and Sigita Brazdauska

This year the visitors of “Erots 2015” at Kipsala Hall will be entertained not only by invited artists but also a couple of energy exuding hosts - sexy Kristaps Vilde and hottie Sigita Brazdauska. Read more >>>

Propose to your beloved on Erots 2015 stage!

About to propose to your girlfriend? Have no ideas on how and where to do it?

We offer you a unique opportunity to do it on stage, in front of the “Erots 2015” audience! We promise that you will never forget that moment! Read more >>>

Kyra Black’s dirty games on the Erots stage

Every inch of a porn actress Kyra Black’s body is hot as hell and always ready for dirty adult games. Make sure of it at “Erots 2015” on 20 and 21 February, when you will have an opportunity to watch this naughty hottie in action. It will be very hot! Read more >>>

For girl orgy lovers: Dorothy Black on Erots 2015 stage

Tempting as a forbidden fruit, graceful as a black panther is one of the most anticipated "Erots 2015" divas, a porn star and stripper, a “Playboy” cover girl and hot babe DJ - Dorothy Black who is coming to Riga on 20 and 21 February to seduce the visitors of the erotic festival. Read more >>>

Black as chocolate Gregory to delight the Erots 2015 audiences

The truly sweetest dessert for the "Erots 2015" visitors will be the sexy and exotic strip dancer Gregory from Germany. He is just like a chocolate cake - taste it and you want more and more. Read more >>>

Meet Hardcore Sex Goddess PussyKat at Erots 2015!

One of the most awaited “Erots 2015” stars is the stunning cutie PussyKat, a Vietnamese-born model now based in France, who will take control of the festival audience’s fantasies on 20 and 21 February. Read more >>>

Army Of Lovers to take the stage at Erots 2015

Provocative glances, appetizing breasts, hottest asses, muscled torsos and hellishly sexy movements – see and enjoy the strip-show group “Army Of Lovers”, the hot atmosphere and high-energy club beat at “Erots 2015”on 20 and 21 February. Read more >>>

Tickets for EROTS 2015 on sale!

Tickets to the hottest event of the year – the International Erotic Festival Erots 2015, to be held from 20–21 February at Kipsala Hall, are on sale as of 1 November. The biggest in the Baltics erotica festival will offer a juicy show programme and the Fifty-Shades-of Grey style adult toys. People under 18 not admitted! Read more >>>

Top 10 events not to be missed at Erots 2014

This is the hottest weekend of the year with “Erots 2014” forthcoming in Kipsala. It is the right place to watch erotica shows, dance competitions, adult industry show, attend really enlightening seminars and do many more. To help you, we offer a brief info on the top 10 events not to be missed. Read more >>>

Baltics’ biggest erotic festival “Erots 2014” is forthcoming!

The year’s hottest event, the 16th International Erotic Festival “Erots 2014” is forthcoming on 21?22 February at Kipsala Hall. The festival offers a vast variety of adult toys, juicy entertainment, useful seminars and loads of new and unforgettable impressions. Read more >>>

Male strippers, Austrian dominatrix and Hungarian porn actress

“Erots” is a chance to enjoy passion, eroticism and sexuality for different tastes in a vast programme of softer or harder shows. Male strippers from Rescue Men Show (Lithuania), a porn actress Mya Diamond (Hungary) and the most popular dominatrix in Austria Vanessa Newton will delight audiences during the Erotic Festival “Erots 2014” forthcoming in February. Read more >>>

Ticket to EROTS 2014 on sale!

Tickets to the 16th anniversary erotica festival Erots 2014, the hottest event of the year, that will take place from 21–22 February at Kipsala Hall, are on sale as of 1 November. The biggest erotica festival in the Baltic States will offer a full range of adult toys and a magnificent programme of erotic shows, juicy entertainment and very useful seminars on sex life enhancement. People under 18 not admitted! Read more >>>

International Erotica Festival EROTS 2013 concluded

The past weekend has been the hottest weekend of the year with crowds of erotica fans having a chance to watch shows full of passion, learn about the products on the adult industry market and the current topics, to see the finals of the international club dancing competition, to enjoy performances of sex divas and strippers. And all above-mentioned you could see at the 15th International Erotica Festival “Erots 2013”! Read more >>>

Juicy erotic movies will be shown during festival „Erots 2013”

Festival „Erots 2013” held between February 22 and 23 at Kipsala Expo Centre, Riga will provide the best and the juiciest movie for the first time this year. This will be unique opportunity to watch two films awarded AVN Awards or so called „the Oscars of porn” this year. Read more >>>

„Erots 2013” surprises with unconventional and erotic meal during festival „Baltic Taste”

„Baltic Taste”, which is the largest and the most precise catering portal in Latvia, will join festival „Erots 2013” on February 22 and 23 for the first time. Of course, you would ask what a restaurant guide might do at Erotica Festival. Field of catering is very diverse, and they have a lot to demonstrate! As „Erots” is a festival of various and different enjoyments, „Baltic Taste” will treat visitors of the festival with erotic meal served on a naked man or girl, sexy waitresses and other fruity surprizes. Read more >>>

Syonera von Styx to offer shocking S&M performances

The hottest weekend of February is forthcoming! On 22 and 23 February, Syonera von Styx and her team will offer shocking S&M performances for fanciers of more extreme experiences. She is a real devil woman making you suffer and love her at the same time. Read more >>>

Erots 2013 Festival to be hosted by Crystal and Oskars Zaïkalniòð

Sexuality and passion will flow not only from the guest stars of the “Erots 2013” festival but also the hosts of the event – Crystal, a singer and FHM magazine cover girl, and her partner Oskars Zaïkalniòð. Both of them will be passionate and exciting in the role of the festival hosts – hot sensations guaranteed to every festival visitor. Read more >>>

European porn star Larissa Dee to perform in Riga

The Erotica Festival “Erots 2013” is going to present a number of bright and beautiful stars. On 22 and 23 February, the festival visitors are welcome to see Larissa Dee (25), one of the most beautiful European porn stars. As her body is flawless and her movements so enticing, she catches the eyes of both men and women. Read more >>>

Erots 2013 presents the world’s best stripper Kenzo

The professional dark-skinned striptease dancer Kenzo will take the floor at “Erots 2013”. His appearances are distinguished by the diversity of images and attractiveness – he can be gentle and elegant, wild and dangerous. Women do lust for him, men want to emulate him. Read more >>>

Belarusian Chippendales to perform at Erots 2013

The 2013 Erots Festival, 22 and 23 February at Kipsala Hall, will offer performances of Belarusian Chippendales – a show group “CandyMEN II”. All performers are professional dancers and brilliant showmen. Surely, they will offer a mind-blowing show for female audience. Read more >>>

Blond beauty and photographer Yasmine Gold at Erots 2013

”Erots 2013” on 22 and 23 February at Kipsala Hall will present the blond Hungarian porn star Yasmine Gold who will delight audience with vigorous and exciting shows. The hottest sexual fantasy will become a reality – in some areas, Yasmine Gold has no rivals! Read more >>>

Erots 2013 will present Hally Thomas and Marcello Bravo

The Erots 2013 Festival, 22-23 February, is going to present the popular Austrian porn star Hally Thomas a.k.a DJane Miss Little and the sexy stripper Marcello Bravo. Their duo will excite spectators with juicy sex scenes and tad hard-edged performances. Read more >>>

Tickets to EROTS 2013 on sale!

Sale of tickets to the 15th anniversary erotica festival Erots 2013, the hottest event of the year 2013, that will take place from 22–23 February at Kipsala Hall, has already started. The biggest erotica festival in the Baltic States will offer a full range of adult toys and a magnificent programme of erotic shows, unrestrained atmosphere and sensually oversaturated impressions. People under 18 not admitted! Read more >>>

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