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 The Queen of Burlesque to perform at Erots 2019

Armed with glamorous outfits, coquetry, effervescent charm and enthralling sexuality, Katrin Gajndr, one of Russia’s queens of burlesque, will appear at the erotic festival “Erots 2019”. Feel this coquettish and exciting sexuality at Kipsala Hall, February 15 and 16!

Katrin Gajndr is known for lavish costumes and memorable Hollywood style performances. Her costumes are thought down to the tiniest detail – fancy gowns, embroidered with Swarovski crystals, and striking accessories. In her shows, Katrin Gajndr is perfection – energetic, artistic and graceful.

The artist began her career at the age of 18. She is one of the Russia’s most successful artists in the aristocratic burlesque genre of entertainment and the only prima at Moscow’s Le Rouge. With the performance of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, Kathrin Gajndr won the Russian Burlesque Festival in 2015 and received the title “Queen of Classic Burlesque”. She has appeared as a special guest and has been a member of the jury at the major European burlesque festivals. Moreover, Kathrin Gajndr is a stunning fetish and pin-up model – red lips, retro-style dress, high heels, and a naive expression on her face.

With origins in the 17th century, burlesque is now experiencing revival in a much more spicy form: exuberant costumes interchanged with nudity, saucy stories with mischievous jokes, flirtation and effervescent charm with enthralling sexuality.

Apart from enjoying the non-stop performances and strip shows by TOP artists, the “Erots 2019” festival will offer a wide range of erotic lingerie, all kinds of adult toys, massage oils, intimate hygiene and wellbeing products, adult films and other quite seductive things.

Bring down borders of sexuality!
Visit the “Erots” festival – enjoy memorable shows, try role games, feel unprecedented emotions, discover your secret desires and have a go! The festival programme is rich, featuring a diverse range of art forms, and suitable for single visitors and couples, and companies of friends or acquaintances, as well.

Under 18 not admitted! Tickets are available at the “Biïeðu serviss” ticket offices ( throughout Latvia or Ticket price – EUR 15 – will become more expensive as the event approaches.

“Erots 2019” opening hours:
15 February 20.00–03.00
16 February 18.00–03.00

The Erotic Festival “Erots” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 and supported by Bellevue Park Hotel Riga.

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 Tickets have become available for the only erotic festival in the Baltic States "Erots 2019"

Let passion take over you, enjoy the surrounding sexual energy and discover adult entertainment in one of Europe’s largest erotic festivals "Erots 2019" on 15 and 16 February in Íîpsala Hall. Plan your visit now
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 What to expect at the Erots 2018 Festival?

In a closet? - Cold! In bed? - Warmer! In Kipsala? - Hot, hot, hot! Already this weekend, February 16–17, the only erotica festival in the Baltic States – Erots 2018 – will be held in Kipsala Halls. Here are the top 5 reasons to visit the hottest event of this year – Erots 2018!
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 Dominate and submit in the Erots 2018 S&M workshops!

A – audacious authority, B – brutal bondage, C – carnal dungeon, D – desirable dildo. These are just some of the basics of the S&M alphabet, which the curious can learn in the festival Erots 2018 workshops on 16 and 17 February in Íîpsala.
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 MG Mareks: “What porn star?” “I’m an erotic dance artist!”

He is a simple Rigan from Ziepniekkalns, who received a pair of G-strings from his mother on his 13th birthday. Girls know him better as one of the male stripper ensemble “MALE Empire NIGHT_out SHOW” dancers. He’s the one and only MG Mareks, who will be hosting Erots 2018 with the star of the festival Sigita Brazdauska on 16 and 17 February in Íîpsala.
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 Porn star love triangle at Erots 2018

Over two passion-filled nights of “Erots 2018”, February 16–17, porn star Kitty Sixx is to perform an unprecedented “pussy steal” kidnapping a Max Rajoy’s sweetheart Caroline De Jaie and fondling her with the “deadliest of dildos”!
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 Bitch 2 Bitch stars to dominate and chasten at Erots 2018

They know what they want and enjoy it in front of hundreds of spectators – Terra Twain is to dominate her best friend Isabella Chrystin in the sensual Bitch 2 Bitch show presented during the “Erots 2018” festival at Íîpsala, February 16–17.
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 Hot Christmas greetings from Erots 2018 stars!

The "Erots 2018" artists celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in their very special way and share their Christmassy mood sending the hottest greetings to their fans. However, the coming February is going to be hellishly hot, as the festival "Erots 2018" is to take up Kipsala Halls. You do not want to miss it!
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 Moments of intimacy with made-of-muscle gladiators or defiant male striptease at Erots 2018

Perfectly built bodies of Greek gods, imaginative dress-up play, rough masculinity - these are the words that best describe the male striptease duo Extazy set to hit the stage at the Erotica Festival “Erots 2018” to be held February 16?17 in Riga.
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 Horny topless trio Lady-X at Erots 2018!

During the “Erots 2018” festival, 16–17 February, Belarusian topless ballet trio “Lady X” will offer performances poised to be somewhere among high culture, aesthetics and pure, even animalistic eroticism.
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 Overstep all boundaries - theatre shows for adults only!

A non-traditional erotic theatre company is to perform in Latvia for the first time! OlifantTakeover, an independent erotic theatre company from the Netherlands is to perform at the International Erotica Festival “Erots 2018”, February 16-17. Artists will play humorous and naughty scenes, where human weaknesses play a key role.
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 Peep into the life of Finland’s Sexiest!

Different as night and day – Irina Tundra, a strip dancer from Finland, is hot and irritable on stage but simple and unobtrusive in her everyday life. Grab the opportunity to watch her dynamic and sexy performances at “Erots 2018”, February 16–17, but meanwhile, let’s have a peep into her background!
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 Ticket sales for the EROTS 2018 Festival is open!

Allow passion to take precedence and fulfil your erotic fantasies at the "Erots 2018" festival! Plan your visit to the largest in the Baltics erotica festival to be held in Kipsala Hall on February 16–17, buy tickets now! No entry to persons under the age of 18!
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