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Peep into the life of Finland’s Sexiest!

Different as night and day – Irina Tundra, a strip dancer from Finland, is hot and irritable on stage but simple and unobtrusive in her everyday life. Grab the opportunity to watch her dynamic and sexy performances at “Erots 2018”, February 16–17, but meanwhile, let’s have a peep into her background!
Cheese sandwich for breakfast
Her day starts at 11.00, with a brunch that is an integral part of her late morning routine. She is fit and sexy, and does not follow any strict diet. Her breakfast usually consists of a large cheese sandwich and, of course, a cup of coffee. While travelling, however, the star is happy to try out local food and has no prejudice against more substantial meals.

Cosmetic fetish

After breakfast she pampers herself – tanning, manicure, hairdressing and makeup usually takes at least two hours! As a true diva, she knows the value of makeup. "I’m obsessed with cosmetics! However, I have been trying hard lately to stop buying products without consideration. It turned out, for instance, that I have stocks of facial creams enough for four coming years! "

Finland’s sexiest woman
Irina compares her everyday life with that of a rock star – she has countless meetings, interviews and promotional events. For example, after winning the Finland’s Sexiest recently, she was invited for an interview by the Finnish radio "Finest FM". Asked, if she is now getting more attention, Irina answers: "On a daily basis, I do not want to attract extra attention and dress myself modestly. But sometimes people on the street recognize me and ask, if I’m not a dancer.” It seems that on a daily basis she truly likes the Finnish reticence. Until the moment she takes the stage, at least.

Rock fan
Interviews are often followed by filming. The Finland’s Sexiest Woman loves rock music and has appeared in countless rock music clips. Making videos is hard work – it can take from 10 to 12 hours, but, as Irina says, "it is great fun and an opportunity to get to know interesting and creative people." Irina’s dream is to appear into a video of one of her idols – “Foo Fighters”, “Volbeat”, “Green Day”, “Papa Roach”, “Rammstein”.

Energizer bunny
How does a stripper living so active life manage to keep herself in a good shape? She says laughing that a healthy, home-made meal and much sleep helps keep her body in shape and feel good about herself. On tough days Irina sips energy drinks, besides, she has given her name to one of them. It tastes great, by the way, and looks good too, as the can features her feminine curves. Irina definitely has energy enough as she does not mind using public transport: "I do not understand people who choose to drive instead of a 10-minutes’ walk."

Everything starts in the evening!

Evening is the time for a rehearsal and show! Irina likes playing different roles and involving others in it. Musical accompaniment plays an important role in her shows. It has to be melodic, fast paced and with a touch of rock and roll, but not too erotic or sensual. "My job is to entertain, not excite," she points out. Her all-time favourite song is "Lola Montez" by “Volbeat” telling the love story of a striptease dancer. At “Erots 2018” she will perform on Lady Gaga’s sexy "John Wayne" and the expressive "Nothing On (But The Radio)". The day of Finland’s Sexiest woman ends at around two or three o’clock in the morning.

If you want to wish sweet dreams to Irina, then do not miss her performance at “Erots 2018” on February 16 and 17! During two passion filled nights, visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy a show programme featuring hot divas, captivating female and naughty male strippers and other erotically charged performances. Along with the show, visitors will have a possibility to buy erotic lingerie, a variety of adult toys, sexy underwear, massage oils, films, etc.

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The international erotica festival "Erots 2018" is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. Sponsors: "Baltic Taxi" and "Bellevue Park Hotel Riga".

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