Draiska, kaislīga un pikanta izklaide pieaugušajiem - erotiski sieviešu un vīriešu striptīzi, seksīgi un valdzinoši deju priekšnesumi, lomu spēles, pārsteidzoši pornozvaigžņu šovi, BDSM un simtiem juteklisku un aizraujošu lietiņu erotikas cienītājiem un jaunu sajūtu meklētājiem. Brīnies, baudi, sajūti un piedalies Baltijā lielākajā erotikas festivālā “Erots”!


Porn star love triangle at Erots 2018

Over two passion-filled nights of “Erots 2018”, February 16–17, porn star Kitty Sixx is to perform an unprecedented “pussy steal” kidnapping a Max Rajoy’s sweetheart Caroline De Jaie and fondling her with the “deadliest of dildos”!

The relationship between Max Rajoy and Caroline De Jaie is a success story of the adult industry, as both hot-blooded lovers are partners not only in adult films, but also in life. These cuties make an erotic version of the famous gangster couple Bonnie and Clyde. Countless videos on PornHub prove them sharing more than one notorious crime. Their favourite weapons include sharp whips, anal balls and a couple of deadly vibrators.

The sweethearts will be challenged by the porn actress Kitty Sixx who is well-known for such films as “Big Tits at School”, “Indecenza anale”, “Masturbatrix” and “Ass Wide Open 3”. Often she has wallowed in the limelight in front of the cameras; she has got experience and ability to handle the most impressive dildos. It is precisely these weapons she will use to kidnap Clyde’s sweet Bonnie in a thrilling and amazing lesbian show. Girls understand each other better, don’t they?

What is about a modern-day Clyde? The dark skinned Max Rajoy will offer a solo striptease to show off his well-trained body in sexy dance moves that will drive crazy all female spectators. Women in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic and the United States simply adore his dancing skills, so a truly masterful performance is expected. Will it help him regain Bonnie?

Two passion-filled nights, February 16–17, will offer the visitors of “Erots 2018” a show programme featuring hot divas, captivating female and naughty male strippers and other erotically charged performances. Along with the show, visitors will have a possibility to buy erotic lingerie, a variety of adult toys, sexy underwear, massage oils, films, etc. Keep up with the latest updates: www.erots.lv and www.facebook.com/ErotsLV/

Tickets are available at the ticket offices of Biļešu serviss (http://ej.uz/kvd5) throughout Latvia. Gift yourself now, and unpack in February! Under 18 not admitted!

The International Erotica Festival “Erots” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. Sponsors: Baltic Taxi, Bellevue Park Hotel Riga, Prieks Tūre and One Touch.

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Biļetes festivālam “Erots 2020” no vasaras varēs iegādāties internetā. Pasākuma laikā biļetes varēs iegādāties uz vietas.

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No centra līdz pieturai “Ķīpsala”:
trolejbusi Nr. 5, 9, 12, 25
autobusi Nr. 13, 30, 37, 41, 53, 57
mikroautobusi Nr. 236, 237, 241
nakts autobuss Nr. N4

No pieturas “Ķīpsala” uz centru:
trolejbusi Nr. 5, 12, 25
autobusi Nr. 13, 30, 37, 41, 53, 57
mikroautobusi Nr. 236, 237, 241
nakts autobuss Nr. N4

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