Draiska, kaislīga un pikanta izklaide pieaugušajiem - erotiski sieviešu un vīriešu striptīzi, seksīgi un valdzinoši deju priekšnesumi, lomu spēles, pārsteidzoši pornozvaigžņu šovi, BDSM un simtiem juteklisku un aizraujošu lietiņu erotikas cienītājiem un jaunu sajūtu meklētājiem. Brīnies, baudi, sajūti un piedalies Baltijā lielākajā erotikas festivālā “Erots”!


MG Mareks: “What porn star?” “I’m an erotic dance artist!”

He is a simple Rigan from Ziepniekkalns, who received a pair of G-strings from his mother on his 13th birthday. Girls know him better as one of the male stripper ensemble “MALE Empire NIGHT_out SHOW” dancers. He’s the one and only MG Mareks, who will be hosting Erots 2018 with the star of the festival Sigita Brazdauska on 16 and 17 February in Ķīpsala.

Oh my god! Mummy, I will never ever wear G-strings in my life, I swear,” is what the 13-year-old Mareks exclaimed when he received the unusual gift from his mum. Today he recalls that a week after this event, his father was already wearing his orange G-strings, and now, several years later, Mareks dances striptease and wears G-strings every day.

Mareks dreamt of performing on the big stage from when he was a child. Dancing was always a passion for him. “My mum was a talented dancer. I felt that it was something I was good at in my soul. You also need to be flexible. Even though I used to dance as part of a folk dance ensemble, I couldn’t decide on the best direction I should take with my dancing for a long time. But in one party I showed off my dance moves and that is how everything began,” the well-known Latvian striptease dancer recalls.

In the same party advisors acquainted him with the leader of the male striptease ensemble “MALE Empire NIGHT_out SHOW” Arvīds Ķiršakmens. They understood each other so well that the lad no longer had any doubts. Mareks doesn’t deny that a very important part of being in the ensemble is physical fitness. “I visit the gym and box on a daily basis. I have always been athletic. I have lifted weights for 10 years already, my six-pack is an eye-catcher.”

Everything was running smoothly until in one of the practice sessions Arvīds exclaimed: “Okay, lads! Happy hour is here! We’re putting our G-strings on for the stage!” “If I would be pulling on my hair as a youth, then now they are shaved. What else is there to do? Whatever the boss-man says! I pulled on my G-string and danced,” says the fit lad.

He does not worry much about what society makes of him: “It is the norm nowadays. If someone says I am a porn star, I reply: “Thanks! Yes, I am.” “I don’t care what others might say – I only listen to my heart. I myself know very well that I am no porn star, I am an erotic dance artist!”

This will be the second year Mareks has been on the Erots stage. Last year he performed with his ensemble members from “MALE Empire NIGHT_out SHOW” and gave the attendants a manly and seductive striptease show, but this year he will be hosting the event with the enticing Sigita Brazdauska. We expect the duet to be brilliant and fun, because both are colleagues in day to day life – they work together at the Just club on weekend nights.

For two whole passionate nights, on 16 and 17 February, attendants of Erots 2018 will be able to enjoy the risqué event programme with hot-blooded porno divas, seductive female and naughty male stripteases and other deeply sexual performances. You will also be able to buy erotic lingerie, various toys for more pleasurable lovemaking, massage oils, etc. Follow the news of the festival on the webpage www.erots.lv, as well as on Facebook www.facebook.com/ErotsLV/

Tickets available at Biļešu serviss booking-offices (http://ej.uz/kvd5) throughout Latvia. Get the present now and unwrap it in February! Entry from the age of 18!

The Erots erotica festival is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. The event is supported by Baltic Taxi, Bellevue Park Hotel Riga, Prieks Tūre and One Touch.

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No pieturas “Ķīpsala” uz centru:
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autobusi Nr. 13, 30, 37, 41, 53, 57
mikroautobusi Nr. 236, 237, 241
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